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Business Strategy & Strategic Planning

You need to know where you want to be and how you´re going to get there before you start on any journey. I work with clients to define fundamental aspects of their business that inform the production, testing, implementation and returns on the learning experience. Who is your target? What is your value proposition? How will you generate revenue? What are the steps that you need to take to achieve your product and larger business goals? How will you measure your progress and success?


We´ll create your business plan and roadmap to achieve the goals that you´ve established for your program. Then, we´ll work together to determine your KPIs / OKRs and plan out the the quarterly, monthly and weekly actions that need to happen in order to achieve your goals, as well as which data sources will most precisely inform your progress. This step is key in creating products and services that last and produce the results that make your project sustainable and meet your clients' expectations. 

Explore a few examples of my work

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"I chose to work with Emily on this project because she´s intelligent, strategic and always delivers." - Jamie Turner

Scaling a unique leadership framework

2022 | For The Unspoken Rules of Leadership

In this ongoing project, I work directly with Jamie Turner, author, CEO, and international speaker, to define and implement the best methods for scaling distribution of his leadership framework. We study the attributes and pain points of his current webinar-based clients and use that information to propose and test formats that allow for the massification of the program, without sacrificing the quality of instruction or proximity to the expert. We are creating a revenue model that covers a spectrum of user needs and mapping out a 5 year growth plan. Follow Jamie´s website for updates!

Business plan and strategic planning for e-learning based startup

2020-2021 | For RedSaberes


Co-created initial business plan using CANVAS business model. Applied qualitative market research techniques to effectively detect and focus on user / buyer pain points and jobs to be done. Hired and led development and marketing teams with a focus on collaboration, flexibility, and agile team management. Co-created business goals and transformed them into quarterly, monthly and weekly objectives using the Google OKR framework. Worked with development, marketing and sales teams to formalize operational processes, which facilitated scalability within the first year of the business.

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"Emily was fundamental in growing and scaling our business in the first year." 

-Francisca Camus, Co-founder and Executive Director

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"Emiily is an exceptional, self-motivated, methodical, organized, and foward-thinking professional." 

-Carolina Dañobeitia, Former VP of Product Development

Launching a new business line

2019 | For Seminarium Online


Researched emerging business trends, recruited top thought leaders, and negotiated win-win business models for development of online programs. Profiled target companies and buyer personas, based on extensive research on local and global pain points and organizational priorities, as well as historical sales data for similar topics in other business lines. Created digital marketing strategy with a focus on email campaigns and paid advertising across multiple online platforms. Managed sales and operations teams. Collaborated with team to analyze performance and customer intelligence data and regularly adjusted marketing and sales approaches. 

Top 3 reasons that educational products fail: 

1. They create the product before they create the business, only to find out at launch that the market isn´t interested. 

2. They focus on the information that they want to share, rather than the "jobs to be done" and real pain points of users, buyers, and stakeholders. 

3. The program delivery is boring and/or over-simplified for the target audience or overuses technology or features, driving users away.

Elegant Abstract Background

"A big business starts small." 

-Richard Branson

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