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Marketing & Content

Who is your audience? What message do you want them to recieve? What action do you want them to take? What info do they want and how do they want to get it? How DON´T they want to be communicated with? User and customer profiling. Creation of buyer personas and customer journeys. Digital content strategy, development and implementation. Analytics and optimization.


This is where you tell people about your awesome product in a way that creates a bond with your brand, motivates purchasing or loyalty, and inspires your community to promote you organically. It's also where you continue to deepen your understanding of your public so you can keep your products and services relevant. Authenticity and a deep understanding of your target are key. 

Explore a few examples of my work

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Survey analysis & eBook 

2020 | For Leap Chile

Supported survey design and distribution. Analyzed survey results and created core content for the eBook, designed to position the firm as a reference in team leadership coaching.

Podcast Series

2019-present | Taking the Lead

Collaborate with one of the top female marketing leaders in LatAm to conceptualize, develop and market a bilingual podcast series, as a guide for upper-level executives learning how to reinvent themselves and their companies in the wake of social unrest in the region. 

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Content Strategy & Landing Pages

2019-2020 | For Seminarium International 

Designed marketing strategy and content for online training product line. Created buyer personas, customer journeys, and mapped marketing content by sales funnel level. Participated in continuous training with commercial team on sales / marketing strategies for the product line. Created landing pages for product line and individual courses. 

Digital Marketing Strategy & Content Creation

2020-2021 | For RedSaberes

Defined and implemented digital communication strategy, with a focus on content marketing. The ecosystem included the website, blog, LinkedIn, Facebook, email campaigns, and monthly webinars. Analyzed performance data with Google Analytics and adjusted strategies continuously. 

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"Don´t push people to where you want to be; meet them where they are." 

-Meghan Keaney, VP Marketing, HubSpot

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