Product Development & Instructional Design

The key to both product development and effective instructional design is to create from the perspective of the users. What pain points are you resolving through your program? How will they use their skills after the course? What is the best way to transfer the knowledge? (Hint: It´s almost never showing a series of videos.) I work with clients to define their stakeholders' pain points, translate that into a proposed learning experience, create protoypes, test, adjust, and scale, always with the end-user as the core of the process.  

Explore a few examples of my work

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Recommendation Rate: 94%

Asynchronous, online platform for teacher development

2020-2021 | For RedSaberes

Selected, set up, and managed the most appropriate LMS for the product line and business structure. Hired and managed a remote production team of 5 people using agile project management principales. Created the methodological model and did instructional design for 15+ courses with top thought leaders in education. Storytelling techniques, reflexive methodology, micro-formats for content, and downloadable implementation tools set these courses apart from common e-learning courses in the market. 

"Thank you! I´ve been looking for this type of course for years - simple, entertaining, easily applicable."

- Luis Emilio Salvador Rojas (user) 

Mobile-friendly onboarding for B2B car service app

2020 | For MóvilPass Chile


Established learning objectives and KPIs for the target user - drivers for a B2B car service app. Defined an appropriate methodology that would allow users to quickly and conveniently access training material, receive automated, meaningful feedback, and demonstrate their capacity to perform the necessary functions in the app, in a mobile friendly platform. Designed content and transferred/tested in LMS. Worked with project stakeholders to define and implement measureable KPIs for the program.

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Overall user satisfaction score: 4.6 of 5

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"Emily's knowledge and expertise were invaluable for this project. She rocks!" - Jamie Turner

Online Digital Marketing Course in Micro-Learning Format

2019 | For Seminarium Online


Worked with subject expert and best selling author Jamie Turner to define the most relevant topics for the LatAm market, given industry priorities for that period. Designed methodology and course structure. Managed development team. Created content and transferred to LMS. Performed quality control and testing to optimize user experience. Managed budget. Provided in-depth product and market brief and continuous training for sales team. 

International Customer Experience Conference 

2018 | For Seminarium Chile

Researched local market pain points and identified relevant topics and thought leaders for conference, within event budget. Negotiated with agents. Created agenda and marketing materials. Trained sales team. Oversaw project operations and coordinated ground team. Worked with speakers to shape content in a way that would be relevant for attendees and provided local context for the event. Liaised with speaker during development, event and post-event.  


98% Recommendation Rate

"It is about them and for them. The closer the end-users' needs are analyzed and answered, the more successful the adoption or purchase."
-Olivier Delarue, Senior Advisor UN


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